Our training program is four years based on related instruction and on the job training. Our program is recognized thru the state of New Mexico as the leaders in Mechanical Insulation industry. Apprentices after completion are given a journeyman Certificate and are capable of working anywhere in the United States and Canada.

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Int’l Association of Heat & Frost Insulators and Allied Workers 76
Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee


1st Saturdays of every month  -     1st and 2nd yr apprentices       (if holiday TBD)
2nd Saturdays of every month  -    3rd and 4th yr apprentices        (if holiday TBD)
3rd Saturdays of every month  -     Jym upgrade / apprentice makeup class
4th Saturdays of every month  -    OSHA 10-30 /  Hazard Communications – on demand

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  • 18 yrs or older

  • Social Security Card or citizenship papers 

  • Driver license 

  • High school Diploma is not required, but highly recommended.

Applicant Log – new applicants must sign the applicant log to receive an application and review Standards.

Application - Applications are taken every Wednesday from 9-10 am.  The application must be fully completed

Interviews - every six months to one year depending on need for man power.

Applicant list – applicants will remain on eligible list for two years minimum.

Jeremie Overson (Coordinator)
422 Adams Street SE  - Albuquerque,  NM  87108 
Ph: 505-414-5142    
Fax: 505-255-1653

The 2020 Western States Master Apprenticeship Competition/Conference in Seatle, Washington has been cancelled.  10-13 participating apprenticeships will be invited. Typically the third week of April (2020) New plans are in the works !!

Direct Entry:  Helmets to Hardhats,  Organizational efforts, Youth Build, Technical school or training.Involved:  with or without reasonable accommodations, - apply mechanical insulation, remove asbestos, fire stopping, removable application, safety training, use of ladders scaffolds, and elevated man lifts.  Sheet metal work, duct wrap insulation, pipe & tank insulation, cryogenics, HVAC systems, steam piping, boilers, and a vast variety of techniques and materials.

The Apprenticeship Program emphasizes on-the-job and classroom instruction, as well as the use of textbooks and other course materials giving participants a thorough knowledge of the trade.    

As an apprentice, you will be employed by an insulation contractor.  The contractor will pay you appropriate wage and oversee your training on the jobsite.   

Throughout your apprenticeship, you will work side by side with experienced journeyman who understands the practical applications of knowledge and theory.  

As you progress through each year of the program, the task assigned will become more complicated and you will require less supervision.  Your sense of pride, independence and self-confidence will grow as you accomplish increasingly difficult task with less assistance and instruction.  Your earnings will be adjusted upward each year to reflect your advancing skills and increased knowledge of the trade.    

When not on a jobsite, you will attend classes taught by highly qualified instructors chosen for their extensive knowledge and expertise.  

Upon completion of your apprenticeship, you will be required to take an examination to demonstrate your knowledge and skills.  Passage of this exam is necessary to obtain journeyman status.

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