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Local 76 has been a leader in proposing legislation on prevailing wage to protect workers’ wages. Our effort to keep the prevailing wage thru Senate Bill 33 has been a continuous battle over the last five years from 2010 to 2015 and was finely given a Superintending Control from the New Mexico Supreme court enforcing prevailing wages thru our (CBA) Collective Bargaining Agreement on September 30, 2015. This Legislation helps all workers, Union and non-union alike, allowing every worker on any public financed construction site to be able to provide a decent and living wage for themselves and their families.  We take pride in those who have stood up for the working people of New Mexico, our leaders in the House of Representatives and in the State Senate for leading the way to a better way of life for the people of New Mexico.

Today we are faced with corporate battles to lower wages thru false accusations that Unions are the problem for a weak economy and lack of high paying jobs. New (RTW) right to work legislation has been a new priority for our already stressed State. RTW is based that Union dues should not be collected so the strength of a Union cannot operate and therefore weakening a Union’s voice in the political arena. We all know that RTW states are paid less and are plagued with safety injuries and deaths on the work site. Local 76 voiced opposition to RTW and will continue to fight for all workers to raise wages and safety in the work place. We know that as Union membership has decreased, so has the middle class. The answer to all of America’s dwindling middle class is a very direct link to Union membership, as unions grow so does the middle class thru better wages, safety and health care. RTW laws help only the employers, who wish to destroy workers ability to Collective Bargaining, weakening the union and the ability to fight for the worker. RTW states average $1558 less per year the non-RTW states.

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